Lynda Thompson is an investigative researcher and writer. She also speaks on programs and to groups. She provides research information to reporters, speakers and other researchers.

Lynda is a MUFON Certified Field Investigator to add to her knowledge base of the UAP/UFO topic, and to help with these issues. She is a MUFON Experiencer Resource Team (ERT) member that assists abductees and experiencers.

Lynda has assisted many international speakers, business, and political leaders on many topics over the years with her research and writing skills. She has written articles for various papers from a young age. Her personal research focus is related to UAP-UFO and connected military-contractor information, a very intense dive into FOIA and declassified documents for many agencies. This requires a lot of patience, determination, and knowledge.

Lynda has decades of experience as a paralegal which has helped her in research. She has worked in various areas which adds to her knowledge base.

Lynda is a community volunteer in Virginia, and stays involved in conservation issues. She has been married for 42 years, is a mother, and has a granddaughter.