Sightings of a UFO or Report an Abduction of Non-Human Contact (including orbs) can now be made on the website. You will select the correct button to click and begin the process.

Please timely report incidents so evidence is fresh and the incident is fresh in your mind.

Please carefully fill out the report. You can check to report it anonymously, but please fill out your contact information so a Field Investigator, ERT (Experiencer Resource Team), or a Star Team (for landings etc.) can contact you and get more information. This is important for many reasons and to determine what needs to be done next.

Investigators have specific time periods to get back in contact with you after a report is filed. During the Covid shutdowns and with so many people sick, or family sick/dying, things were backed up. The backlog is gone.

MUFON is made up of volunteers who must take training and pass tests. Please do not confuse volunteers with amateurs or people without training. We also have professionals of all walks of life who volunteer their time including scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, and many others. MUFON always needs more people. Many investigators are seniors and past the point when they want to spend the rest of their lives doing this work. We need a lot of people who are willing to work toward this important work, helping people, taking scientific data, and working from within MUFON to make it a better organization.

Corporations and organizations are only as good as the people who are in them.


Investigative-researcher, writer, speaker.